This site do not provide any links to illegal cricket streams. You may search google with the key word 'live cricket stream' for alternate streams. If you are not sure about the copy right of the stream, do not watch it. The links provided in this site are of official broadcastors and may not work in some countries.

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Cricket is a bat-and-ball team sport that is first documented as being played in southern England in the 16th century. By the 18th century, cricket had developed to the point where it had become the national sport of England. The expansion of the British Empire led to cricket being played overseas and by the mid 19th century the first international matches were being held. Today, the sport is played in more than 100 countries with millions enjoying the game Live. It is estimated that more than two billion people watched the last Cricket World Cup. provide facility to explore the enchanting world of cricket to the millions of cricket lovers.....

Watch India vs Australia vs Srilanka Live cricket on Star Cricket & DD1 in India, Sky sports 1 in UK Watch Pakistan vs England Live cricket on Sky Sports 1 & Sky sports 2 in UK.

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Tips  to watch the streams. Live cricket online

1. Most of the streams works only in internet explorer except Justin tv , Ustream and few others. Close all other programmes while watching the streams for best streaming. Sopcast streams works only in internet explorer. SPVOD Player needs to be  downloaded and installed from
Oox streams works only in internet explorer and can be found at .It  takes 2-3 minute to start
2. Download and install player if prompted so.  Stay in the player atleast one minute.
3. Refresh the pages regularly if you see not broadcasting. 
4. Sopcast streams take minutes to start.
5. Selfcast player will show not broadcasting for minutes.            Stay in the player, it will work.
6. If designated links not showing matches ,  check all the        links  as  working links  are changed regularly.
7. Make  sure the rules in the country you reside allows  you to watch the match on the internet. Most of the free streams on the internet are not having copyright and will stop at any time. So do not pay for the streams if you are unsure about the copyright.
Sopcast Guide

Update IE and Media Player  to meet the minimum requirements.

Install sopcast Plugin if you don’t have it already ( You can download using one of the links Download Plugin

Close Internet Explorer and Open Again.

You are ready to watch sopcast Streams, Open any site which shows sopcast streams in Internet Explorer only

The status bar of sopcast should either say connecting, stopped, Channel offline, No peers to connect,  Cannot retrieve data  etc. 

County cricket Twenty20 matches and highlights will be on Link 3. County matches will be available if there is no major matches on the day.  Wait till buffering completes 100%.Wait minimum 1 minute to get proper streams. Working links are changed regularly so check after sometime if you find this links not working.  

IPL official website shows the ipl cricket matches online. Check their site at This site offers free live audio commentary of IPL. There are many sites where you can pay and view all the cricket matches live online. Best of them is Willow tv,,  Other one is If you look for a site which offers all cricket online ( other sports and movies also )at a nominal rate then go for but this site may disappear at any time as some other sites did. eg, , So subscribe only for short term , daily or weekly etc. Even if you find a streaming site you will face lot of problems in watching the match without disturbance. You will have to configure Winamp ..also you will have to download x264 codecsand FFD SHOW. shows the matches in windows media player and once your password is activated you will not face any problems in watching the streams. Before subscribing watch their test stream from your PC. Watch  Star cricket live , DD1 live,neo cricket live , ten sports live , sky sports live FREE LIVE CRICKET ONLINE  NEO CRICKET LIVE


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Newzealand vs India test cricket live , watch South Africa vs England cricket series, Watch English county Pro 40 live online streams, Watch ASHES series , Srilanka vs Pakistan  series, Stanford super series, IPL cricket live free online streams.The links provided are external links. We do not produce or stream any audio video content, live or recorded, in this site.  You may email us for any help

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